Recipes for kids to make – why should you consider this option

In today’s busy life, it is very difficult to find appropriate time that can be devoted to search for recipes for kids to make. It is very important to supply kids with the right quality food at all stages of their development. Food plays a very important part in a kid’s growth and development. Hence it becomes very important for the mother or the guardian to take care of all food habits and needs of the child. Moreover, it is very difficult to deal with the kids who are very choosy and keep complaining about the food they are given to eat. Dealing with such kids on a daily basis is not easy for sure.

Some tips for making healthy recipes for kids

It is important to make a quick list that includes the foods the kids love eating. Avoid the allergic edibles and target the healthiest food options available.

Finding easy recipes for kids to make is a kind of a project. Involving the kids in the process of choosing the food materials and recipes they like to eat is a good plan to proceed with. It is very beneficial in knowing about your kid’s food choices which also gives you a chance to experiment with the available options in a healthy manner.

Selecting a new fruit, vegetable or any other food for your kid to try each week is good to start. Treat it as a game for your child. New foods on the table will surely bring new experiences for the child.

When experimenting, it is important that the person, who cooks for the kid, experiments and improves the flavor that is basically liked by the kid. Reduced amount of salt, sugar, fat and calories is what should be the aim of the cook to inculcate the recipe with. It is very important to remove the empty or the non-nutritious calories from any snack preparations. Another way of making your kids more involved in food related issues is by making them a part of it.
While cooking, try to involve your kids in the very same. Search for the recipes kids can make or some tasks that they can execute well while cooking food. As soon as the kids start developing an interest in cooking and food, they themselves would grow curious. There is nothing as helpful as involving the kids in food selection and cooking process when planning a healthy and nutritious meal for your kid.

Points to remember

It is very difficult, but still possible to maintain the nutritional content of favorite recipes and preserving its flavor at the same time. The basic idea behind this is to make some healthy changes which do not affect the flavor of the preparation deeply. For instance, replacing the full fat cheddar cheese with partly skimmed mozzarella coupled with reduced-fat Swiss can make a lot of changes in any snack recipes for kids to make.
So, next time when looking for some good recipes for kids to make, don’t forget to make your child a part of it.

Fun recipes for kids- easy to prepare!!

Do you think it is possible to keep children entertained when you are not sending them outside? The answer is yes. With the availability of hundreds offun recipes for kids keeping them happy all the time is not a difficult task. You can cook them at your own kitchen without the knowledge of measuring skills and science.

Rock candy recipe

Ingredients: 4 cups sugar, 1 cup water, food coloring, clean glass jar, string of 6 inch lengths and pencil

Take a medium sized saucepan; heat two cups of water and sugar (don’t boil). Stir the sugar until it is dissolved. Steadily add few food coloring drops and additional sugar to it. To the clean glass jar, pour this solution and add the sections of string to it (better suspend them in the jar and make sure that they are touching the sugar water).
After an hour suitable crystals will form and can use them till the end of week. If needed cut them into pieces and serve.

Gingerbread house recipe

Preparing fun recipes for kids is always funny and gingerbread house recipe add more to it. Planning is very important in preparing this recipe. Before start preparing recipe, frame the structure of house and see to that it matches with the real time house structure. Prepare the gingerbread before start preparing its recipe.

Instead of just limiting to plain house, explore your ideas and come up with a dream home. Using ready made house shapes are recommended here. Shift the entire house design into a baking tray. If required add gingerbread in the house base. At any cost the size of your gingerbread should be 12 x15 inches because it is the size of baking sheet.
Use 3/8 inch thickness dough and make the bearing walls slightly thicker. You can cover the walls using ice and let it for dry. Make the necessary icing decoration and fill the gaps if any. You can also make use of dough scrap to decorate house. You can bake the house structured cake or can eat just like that.

Cinnamon applesauce ornaments recipe

It is the most wonderful and aromatic recipe that comes under the category of fun recipes for kids. This is the best recipe you make for Christmas and other special events. If you are planning to prepare this recipe then air dry the gelatin, applesauce and cinnamon in advance. It is also considered as the most famous traditional recipe prepared in the kitchen.


¾ cup applesauce, 1 packet gelatin (unflavored), 1 jar cinnamon, ¼ cup cornstarch and 3 tsp ground cloves.
Add both gelatin and applesauce in a small pan and leave it for 3 minutes. Heat medium and constantly stir till it get simmering.

Combine cloves, cornstarch and cinnamon in a separate bowl and add it to the applesauce mixture.
Divide dough into half pieces and roll it in a plastic wrap and use within thirty minutes. It is non edible and great recipe for kids. Pear penguins, tomato mammas and tricky tacos are some of the other famous fun recipes for kids.

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Simple recipes for kids to make and Have Fun!

Children always want to cook. They would like to act like an adult and they would like to cook because they want to make something for themselves. But from the perspective of the parents, there are a lot of dangers and risks in the kitchen and they would not want to let their kids go to the kitchen so easily. But the wishes of the kids should always be addressed before they become sad. Therefore, you can look for the recipes for kids to make which would not require a lot of dangerous moves. There are several directions that you can consider if you really want to make your kids happy without bringing a lot of risks to the kitchen.

First of all, you can consider making desserts with your kids. There are a lot of Simple recipes for kids to make regarding dessert. For example, you can make mango pudding with your kids. You can cut the mango in advance so they would have the piece of manage instead of a large one. Then, you can ask your kids to stir the pudding powder after adding water to the powder. After that, you can let them mix the mango to the pudding powder until the mango is evenly spread over the whole thing. This would be good for you to let them make because it is just so simple. After the things are mixed, the kids can simply pour everything into some containers and put the containers to the fridge for freezing. Everything would be finished and you can simply wait for the food to be ready for eat.

One of the other recipes for kids to make would be the marshmallow chocolate. This is something simple as well. You can, in advance, melt some of the chocolates and make them the molten ones. After that, you can ask the kids to put some marshmallows into the bowl of molten chocolate and rotate the marshmallow to absorb the chocolate to the marshmallow. Again, it would not involve any cutting or any heating of things from the kids’ perspective and this would be a safe way for them to make the food.

Last but not least, you can ask the kids to make salad. Again, this is something very simple and it would not be difficult for them to make. You can cut the fruits and vegetables in advance and you could ask them to mix the things in the bowl according to their own desired proportion. Then, they would have the sense that they are making something under their control but the process would not require them to cut the fruits. They would enjoy the mixing and the addition of salad sauce but everything would not involve a lot of risks.

To conclude, there are many recipes for kids to make as long as you are willing to try and search for them. There would be fun if you allow your kids to make something and eat together with you.